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Scope of Services


We assist clients to analyze and solve difficult architectural problems in rapidly changing context through the use of architectural concepts and design processes.


The consortium has a considerable staff of services engineers. Its staff members have undertaken various commissions such as:

Water Supply/Drainage/Sanitary Engineering

Our principal staff has unique experiences in the Nigerian Water supply field stretching back over many years. Some of our consultants have been responsible for many water supply schemes in other African countries ranging from small independent institutional installation to major schemes. In sewage disposal, we have special expertise in the
field of waste stabilization/oxidation ponds having designed and supervised construction of many such installations.


The staff of the consortium has undertaken designs and construction supervision of rural and urban roads for both State and Federal Governments. This expertise is completed by the specialized experience of our consultants in complex urban and infrastructural conditions and of traffic management studies.

The consortium therefore offers for highways, bridges and traffic works, a full consultancy services from feasibility to construction supervision.

Installation Engineering

The consortium offers Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Services. The services rendered include design and supervision of Rural Urban Electrification Schemes, design and supervision of Telecommunication Installation and power Control.

·  Define client communication.

·  Establish client report requirement. Top


Quantity surveying services includes project budgeting, cost control, time control, fluctuation, projections and efficient resources allocation. Top


The consortium employs its own surveyor and carries out most small and medium scale survey works directly. Specialist firms are employed for large scale and aerial surveys. Also large-scale soil investigations are subcontracted to specialist geo-technical firms. Microcomputers are available for most engineering works and large installations are accessible should more powerful systems be required. Top


The scope of our project management services falls under the following headings.

·  Project management.
·  Project co-ordination.
·  Client representation/employer's agent,
·  Construction Management.
·  Feasibility studies.
·  Comprehensive design service.
·  Technical design audits.
·  Quantitative design information unit.
·  Construction & resource planning.
·  Development management.
·  Building maintenance management.
·  Property management.
·  Supervision and inspection.
·  Quality assurance. Top



The Consortium assists clients in securing funds from international agencies, engaging in the preparation of project feasibility reports and in the documentation and packaging of projects for funding. Its works in this field covers the complete project cycle as put forward by the World Bank. It assists clients in identifying viable projects, preparing these projects for funding, acting on behalf of clients during appraisal missions, advising clients on negotiations and follow up to Board approval, and loan effectiveness.


To achieve the above objectives the consortium has a team of responsible consultants with integrity and the will and stamina to see difficult projects through to completion. Aware of the competitive nature of the international market, the consortium put together a team of professionals whose quality of work, of design submission and production drawings, and of supervision is consistently high and that have been sufficiently exposed to the practice of international consultancy. Thus the practice has experienced partners and good senior staff working together for the attainment of the corporate goals of the consortium.
In pursuit of this international stature, the consortium partners are registered with some of the following international finance agency

· The African Development Bank (ADB).
· International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).
· International Development Agency (IDA).
· Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
· Federal Ministry of Works & Housing (FMW&H).
· Federal Ministry of Environment (FMENV).


Ericon Bello and Associates recognizes the need for projects to be managed, planned and carefully monitored, both during the precontract design period and the post contract construction works in order to achieve the prescribed project objective. Our typical project management service could be classified into five stages, namely:


· Define and determine project objective and evolve a skeletal brief and programme priorities.
· Define project management brief.
· Define the required level of client involvement.
· Set out the detailed client requirements in respect of approvals.


· Examine the clients’ proposal.
· Develop the clients brief.
· Establish project technical feasibility.
· Prepare a preliminary total project programme.
· Assist the design consultants in obtaining statutory approvals.
· Monitor the preparation of preliminary drawings/specifications.
· Establish all detailed insurance requirements.
· Obtain a preliminary budget from the quantity surveyor.
· Consult with the design team until an optimum scheme is produced in conjunction with the design team.
· Prepare a feasibility report and obtain clients approval.
· Receive and process consultants fee accounts.


· Advice on the selection and appointment of a contractor.
· Set up project management structure/team.
· Define responsibilities and line of communication of all parties.
· Produce and monitor a computerized critical path network for design Monitor the development of designs/specifications.
· Monitor budget and obtain a pre-tender estimate from Quantity Surveyor.
· Obtain outline planning permission approvals.
· Co-ordinate the compilation of all contract documents by the design team. Top


· Obtaining through the supervision team, the contractors’ schedule for materials/human resources for proper monitoring throughout the project execution period.
· Obtaining and monitoring of critical path network of the construction period by the supervision team.
· Monitoring of progress of works by the supervision team through regular site meetings and site reports.
· Coordinating supervision team’s inspection of works on site at all reasonable times.
· Monitoring of payments through proper issuance of interim payments to contractors/suppliers.
· Preparation of regular site progress reports to update client. Top


· Instigate all pre-commissioning checks.
· Monitor the completion of the final account.
· Obtain certification that adequate operational commissioning has been complete and test certificates received.
· Obtain all necessary operating manuals and a built drawings.
· Ensure the works are monitored during the defects liability period.
· Monitor design teams preparation of a schedule of planned prevention maintenance and advice on the necessity of a maintenance contract for essential plant and equipment
· Advice the client on the validity of the architects or engineers’ issue certificates of practical completion.
· Advice the client on the validity of the issue of final certificate. Top


Our Special Services Department, comprising of a team of highly skilled artisans, takes on several impressions of a design scheme to give the client a full grasp of the project. These include the following:

· Creation of 3D Images from blueprints.
· 3D Animation and Interactivity.
· Production of Real-Estate Marketing tools.
· Creation of Physical Models.


Gams And Abell Nig. Ltd (Mechanical/Electrical Services)
Shelter Engineers Ltd (Civil/Structural Engineering)
BOQ & Associates Ltd (Quantity Surveying Services)
British Power International
Midvalley Corp. Nigeria Limited